Regular Training
Combat Dynamics do not run regular training sessions or classes.  We are a select group that gets together on a regular basis to sharpen our skills and to build our shared knowledge.  Becoming a part of this group is by invitation only.
Private Lessons
Combat Dynamics instructors are available for private lessons.  Please email us and ask for details.
Combat Dynamics Instructors are actively engaged in conducting seminars for a wide variety of martial arts school, both modern and traditional, in the street application of weapons especially the knife and stick.  We are happy to discuss your training requirements and how Combat Dynamics can create a training seminar that will add value to your school.

Seminars are creative, eye opening and an opportunity for instructors to introduce their students to another aspect of the martial arts that they normally wouldn't have contact with.  It is also an opportunity for instructors to add to their own skills and increase their income.
Women's Self Defence
Combat Dynamics has long been involved in training ladies in the realities of personal protection.  More than how to kick and punch, this program trains ladies to keep out of trouble in the first place, what to do when trouble is unavoidable and some real down to earth techniqes for staying alive when all else fails. 

Please email us and ask for more details.
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