Peter James (right) with James Keating on the Riddle of Steel
Combat Dynamics was established by Peter James in 1996 to address the current trends of 'modern martial arts schools' moving away from combat and into sport or fitness.

Combat Dynamics uses the knife, stick and empty hands to develop  students in the skills needed to survive on the streets.

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Peter James visiting Bruce and Brandon Lee's Grave in 1997
Instructor PETER JAMES

Peter started training in Kenpo Karate in 1974.  After four years training in this style, he undertook training in Wing Chun, and Bando Banshi Burmese Boxing.  In 1984 he began training in Tae Kwon Do.  Peter started training in weapons in 1989, specifically the Japanese sword, short sword and tanto (knife).  His study of weapons, and especially edged weapons, has taken him across several styles and around the world.  He has trained in Kali, Aikijutsu, Ninjitsu, Pencak Silat and American and European knife fighting systems  In Australian he has trained extensively with Special Forces personnel and in the USA has trained with leading martial arts instructors and is a student of  James Keating.  In addition to the Japanese Sword, he trains Rapier,  Epee in European fencing and combat pistol.  Peter is the only Combat Technology Certified Bowie knife instructor in Australia.  He has an extensive library, studying Asian and European military history and writes for a number of martial arts magazines around the world
Colin Wride & Peter James Stick Fighting
James Keating strikes a pose
Peter James with long term training partner Peter S.
Pat Wight combining Karate and knife fighting
Pistol Training in the US
With Polish Fencing Coach Mirek Ziabello
Fencing Oct 2002
Peter James and Mark Davis from Scotland (4th Dan Tae Kwon Do plus a whole lot more))
Jim Keating and Peter James Sept 2005
Riddlers Path September 2005
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With Bob Jones 2008
RIP Harrie Swanson, my friend, student, teacher and spiritual mentor 2008
My Son Zach with Richard Norton and Myself May 2011